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The Göteborg International Organ Academy spotlights the remarkable organ landscape of the city of Göteborg with concerts and lectures by leading organists from around the world. The Göteborg International Organ Festival and The Göteborg Youth Organ Festival are cross-cultural platforms for early and new music, with the goal of being a sought after entrance to a world of tactile passion and new sounds - for all!

In presenting the Göteborg Organ Festival GIOA wants to broaden and deepen public interest in the organ art by further developing ways of meeting our audiences, offering programs where new artistic expressions can meet new audiences and we continually strive to focus on creating opportunities for children and young people to pleasurably explore new worlds together.

The Academy was created in 1994 to provide a meeting place for everyone interested in the art of the organ, enabling them to share and collect new knowledge, to find artistic inspiration and to enjoy great performances on the numerous top-quality instruments in Göteborg. The Academy is unique in bringing together students, teachers, instrument builders, scholars, performers and friends of the organ art, offering an international forum for dialogue and discussion within an inspiring and exciting Scandinavian environment.

For more than 400 years Gothenburg has looked outwards toward the sea and the world beyond. Our city was built and planned by Dutch and Germans. As a maritime city of trade and industry we have fostered close relationships and been able to exchange skills with many other countries. International contacts, outside influences and people from different cultures have always been an asset to Gothenburg, and still are today.

In making Gothenburg a city of tactile passion and new sounds.

Artistic Director: HANS DAVIDSSON (email)



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