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The Bjurum Organ

The "Bjurum organ" was probably built between 1643 and 1651 by the Nürnberg organbuilder Nicolaus Manderscheidt. In 1651, the instrument served as a house organ in Visingsborg Castle on Vising Island, owned by Per Braha the younger. In 1829, the instrument is mentioned in the inventory of Bjurum Church. It was later bought by Västergötlands Antiquarian Association and put into a warehouse in Skara. The organ was restored by Mads Kjersgaard, Uppsala, in the 1970s (including a reconstruction of the Regal). The instrument is currently on loan to the Göteborg University.

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Grob Gedact 8
Principal 4
Klein Gedact 4
Octave 2
Quinta 1 1/2
Super Octava 1
Regal 8