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The capital city of the State of Tirol has long been known for the ‘special numbers’ it frequently unrolls, and this time it is on the organ. The fact that “City of Organs” has become Innsbruck’s fondly uttered sobriquet is easily justified. Measured by the number of historic organs ensconced in this city, it possesses more than anywhere in Austria. The City of Innsbruck is proud of that status and for that reason makes it a matter of high importance to pay tribute to its treasures and to maintain them with care. Accordingly, numerous organ concerts punctuate the city calendar throughout the year. Also in the coming year, the organ concerts on the agenda will make the hearts of organ lovers pulse more avidly.
The organ is lovingly monikered the “Queen of Instruments.” That is not without reason, for the imposing musical instrument wins the acclaim of amateurs and professionals alike through its swelling, rich sonority giving it an incomparable diversity and grandeur of expression. Located in generally historic venues which house the organs in the city of Innsbruck, great concerts and unforgettable musical moments are assured. The three organs in the Monastery Church of Wilten, the Reinisch Organ in the Wilten Basilica and the Ebert Organ dating back to 1558 in the Imperial Church are but a few examples of the impressive array of historic organs in Innsbruck.

City Representative: MARIA-LUISE MAYR (email)

Artistic Directors: ELIAS PRAXMARER (email) & REINHARD JAUD (email)

Georg Willi


Concerts in Wilten Basilica

Six concerts on the 1894 Reinisch organ in Wilten Basilica are added to our Event page.


Alberto Gaspardo

Alberto Gaspardo is the Young ECHO Organist of the Year 2023!


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