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The City of Granada, as a part of its rich historical and cultural heritage, treasures in its churches an ensemble of historical organs of extraordinary artistic and musical value, with a significant number of instruments restored in recent years. The recovery of this organ legacy reaches a milestone of special magnitude with the restoration of the Epistle organ at the Granada Cathedral, a jewel of the Iberian baroque organ building from the 18th century.

This restoration, currently in process and expected to be completed in 2024, involves not only the recovery of a unique instrument of worldwide interest, but also entails the responsibility of enhancing it through actions that allow to develop its full potential as a cultural asset of international dimension, and that this reverts to our society.

For more than a decade, the City Council has collaborated as main sponsor with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Granada, the organizing institution of the Granada International Organ Academy. Since 2001, they have been carrying out an intense work for the diffusion and conservation of the organs through concert cycles, master classes, guided tours to the organs, lectures, etc., with an extraordinary reception from the public.

Granada, which aspires to be the Spanish candidacy as European Cultural Capital in 2031, is aware of the importance of organs and their history as a genuine manifestation of European culture.

City Representative: JUAN GARCÍA MONTERO (email)

Artistic Director: JUAN MARÍA PEDRERO (email)

Marifrán Carazo Villalonga


Granada Festival

June 19th - July 11th


Spring Organ Academy in Granada

April 5-7


Granada & Montserrat Torrent

March 28th


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