Young Ambassadors

The ECHO Young Ambassadors project aims to establish a dynamic network of young organists who collaborate with the Artistic Directors (ADs) and City Representatives to enrich the ECHO network. This initiative fosters a mutually beneficial partnership where young organists can contribute to and learn from the ECHO community.
Young Ambassadors actively participate in both live and online meetings, working closely with ADs to organize various ECHO activities, including competitions, masterclasses, and publications. They play a pivotal role in promoting ECHO activities, serving as a bridge between young organists and ADs, and relaying information through social media and other communication channels. Through these engagements, the Young Ambassadors can also gain valuable knowledge from ADs, expand their professional networks, and participate in ECHO activities across various cities, enriching their experience with historical organs.
To enhance the visibility and impact of ECHO, the Young Ambassadors are involved in generating engaging content for social media, podcasts, YouTube, and newsletters. This includes documenting activities, sharing curiosities about ECHO cities and organs, and featuring insights from young organists' daily lives. These efforts aim to reach not only the existing network and organ enthusiasts but also to attract a younger and more diverse audience.
In addition to online activities, Young Ambassadors are instrumental in fostering real-life exchanges between young organ enthusiasts by facilitating national and international connections, organizing and supervising events during ECHO days, and creating initiatives that bring the organ closer to a broader audience. This includes interactive organ events, collaborations with other musical genres, and partnerships with larger cultural initiatives.

Our network is in constant expansion and any interaction is always welcome. Are you an organ enthusiast willing to share some interesting content, an organ student looking for information, or simply a music lover who is curious about our activities? Follow the Young Ambassadors social media pages and do not hesitate to contact us!                  

Marie Petit

Young Ambassador Leuven

Francesca Ajossa

Associate Young Ambassador
Internal communication

Luca Akaeda Santesson

ECHO Young Organist 2024
Communication & media

Charlène Bertholet

Young Ambassador Brussels
Communication & media

Elias Gabriel Huber

Associate Young Ambassador

Kristina Avakian Mikkelsen

Young AmbassadorRoskilde

Ana Lucía Buzón Ríos

Young Ambassador Granada

Xinjie Li

Young Ambassador Alkmaar