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Treviso is a charming and lovely city, unique because of its warm hospitality, amazing historical points of interests and an incredible territory called “Marca of Treviso”.
The downtown welcomes you with its coloured medieval streets, lined by porticos and palaces, many of them with original frescoes (one of the most beautiful urbs picta of Italy).
People in Treviso enjoy walking along the Restera admiring the beautiful surroundings and the fascinating Sile River which has been mentioned in the Divine Comedy by Dante.
The Sile River runs through the town and here flora and fauna are constantly changing with the seasons, you can follow its path for many kilometres on foot, cycling or running. To the north as well as to the south, the river can be pleasantly explored among nature reserves, old mills, aristocratic villas and local restaurants.
Numerous are the local products, from the well-known Radicchio Rosso to the Tiramisù dessert, that are the ingredients of the many delicious dishes served in the most typical Trevisan restaurants.
When you arrive in Treviso you will be enchanted by the variety of its landscapes and fascinated by the cities of its “Marca”. Here you will find many pristine landscapes and pleasant towns such as old medieval villages surrounded by Prosecco hills, Venetian villas built alongside rivers and ancient picturesque castles enclosed by vineyards.
Castelfranco Veneto, the city of Giorgione, is a wonderful walled town with a pedestrian area to enjoy. Asolo is very romantic and has a unique and magical atmosphere which has been source of inspiration to artists of all epochs. Possagno is the city of Canova with its amazing museum and the great temple. Fanzolo and Maser are most important place where is it possible to find Palladio’s Villas, Villa Emo and Villa Barbaro di Maser respectively. Conegliano is a small Renaissance town, well-known for the painted Pala by Cima and for his award as the European Wine City together with Valdobbiadene and all the Prosecco area crossed by the famous Prosecco Road. Vittorio Veneto offers beautiful landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere, has a lovely city centre and an amazing Memorial Museum which houses a vast collection of Great War weapons and historical artefacts. Along Piave River, very famous because of its role during the Great War, there are many Villas, Churches and historical buildings; this is also the area of Raboso DOC wine. One of the most loved cities is Oderzo with its Opitergium Municipium, located between Piave and Livenza rivers.

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Treviso, Santa Caterina: Zanin


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Treviso, Sant'Agostino: Fratelli Serassi 1858


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