The Seal and the Sea Turtle

Family concert

The Seal and the Sea Turtle & The Video Installation A Fragile Hope

How would you feel swimming underwater completely entangled in plastic bags and other debris that snare your body, constantly blocking your path, and affecting you for the rest of your life?
This is unfortunately the daily reality for Mr. Bubble the Sea Turtle and his dear friend Speckled Maja the Seal, who are desperately trying to sound the alarm so that humans can do something about what they have caused.
They participate in an ocean meeting with all the sea creatures to find a solution to the dreadful problem, when suddenly the tuna offer to sacrifice themselves to make humans wake up. How they do this is revealed in the fairy tale.
The organ fairy tale is written by Erland Hildén (music) and Despina Moysidou (text), commissioned by Orgelkids Taiwan, and the work premiered in the summer of 2020 at their summer camp for children and youth in Taiwan.
Before, during, and after the organ fairy tale, a video installation by Joakim Odelberg, one of Sweden's most contracted and respected film and photojournalists and underwater filmmakers, will be shown.
Erland Hildén, organ and narrator
Joakim Odelberg, film

Date & Time
October 12, 2024
10:15 AM 11:15 AM Europe/Brussels

Örgryte New Church

Valåsgatan 2
Göteborg 412 74
--Örgryte New Church--
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