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European Cities Of Historical Organs
Europae Civitates Historicorum Organorum

ECHO is an association of eight cities in eight EU-countries disposing of precious historic organs, cities where the care of organ-culture plays an important role. It is the predominant aim of ECHO to encourage and foster this care and the historic heritage by a vast number of means and across borders.


Mafra (Portugal) becomes a new member of ECHO

On their annual meeting in Freiberg/Germany the ECHO representatives decided to welcome the City of Mafra to the association.


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Martin Riccabona is “Young ECHO organist of the year 2015“

The winners of the "Grand Prix d'ECHO 2014" in the Cathedral of Freiberg / Germany (left to right): Simon Reichert (3rd prize), Martin Riccabona (1st prize) and Nicolas Berndt (3rd prize).
© ECHO/Marko Borrmann

Silbermann and Europe – ECHO Meeting, Grand Prix d’ECHO and Young Organists’ Camp in Freiberg

17 to 22 - 06 - 2014


In 2014 ECHO holds its annual meeting in Freiberg / Germany, where the 300th anniversary of the big Silbermann Organ in the Cathedral is celebrated all the year round. The audience is invited to high-class concerts of ECHO organists and the Grand Prix d’ECHO.


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Organ Scholarship Fribourg

Following the statutory aims that provide promotion of the Historical Organs Heritage in the Fribourg region and the encouragement of young people in organ studies, the Fondation Académie d’Orgue de Fribourg is offering a scholarship for organ students who want to study at Fribourg University of Music  in the Academic Year 2014/15. The successful candidate will also be invited to play a concert in the Fribourg International Organ Festival.

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"Peter and the Wolf"

"Nuovi Fiori Musicali"

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ECHO Young Organist of the Year

ECHO promotes young organists.

With the introuction of the honorary award of 'ECHO Young Organist of the Year', the ECHO organisation is providing a visible commitment to supporting the careers of the young prize winners at the member cities' competitions. 

Grand Prix d'ECHO

A joint initiative by Alkmaar, Freiberg and Innsbruck will result in the first Grand Prix d'ECHO competition, which will take place in Alkmaar during Orgelfestival Holland 2011. The participants will be the finalists of the previous competitions in each city. The winner of the Grand Prix d'ECHO will also gain the title of 'ECHO Young Organist of the Year'.    


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A recording with organs from the cities in the ECHO network.

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ECHO - The Book

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